One of the reasons this company was set up, is that “time is precious” and we need to make the most of it. Making this process as efficient as possible will ensure you have more time left over for all those other important things. It also means that you have less stress thinking about your car, dealing with the dealer and not knowing what you’re talking about. Being able to arrange the pick-up/drop-off at your own preferred location, at your own preferred time (between 07:00 – 23:00) gives you more time during working hours (or, if you have kids, school hours)

    All possible options are stated on the righthand side. These options are separately bookable or available as package.


    European Transport

    Transportation to and from your house and to and from the dealer. The car will be safely driven to the dealer. A dashcam will be installed to ensure the safety of your car and make sure that regulations are maintained.

    Price on request!

    Disclaimer; the car has to be insured “all risk” at all times!

    Service & Conflict Mediation

    During your car’s visit to the dealer, it is necessary to have someone to keep in contact with to discuss any probable technical problems / situations. Armed with technical knowledge and your wallet (prices) in mind, I’ll be sure to get you the best deal that is both fair & honest ensuring that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

    Prices on request!

    Trackday service & transport

    Before going to the track, you might want to let the dealer check your car. A lot of manufacturers have special trackday checklists and adjustments (suspension, engine setup and tyres) so you are all safe and set to go! The car will than be transported to the track with my special trailer (CT177 Ifor Williams). 

    Price on request! (Travelcosts: 0,45 cent per kilometer.)

    Please note: all prices are excluding 21% taxes!

    Replacement Vehicle

    If you need or want a replacement vehicle, this is always an option. I can arrange a variety of different types of car (automatic or manual). In accordance with your own wishes, I’ll try to see if the car of your choice is available. If not, then I will arrange a comparable one. The different options are stated below:

    Please note: all prices are excluding 21% taxes!

    • A-class* (VW-up) 80,- per day (excl fuel)
      Please note: The A-class is not available as an automatic!
    • B-class (Mini, A1) 100,- per day (excl fuel)
    • C-class (A3, 1 serie) 120,- per day (excl fuel)
    • D-class (A4, 3 serie) 160,- per day (excl fuel)
    • E-class (A6, 5 serie) 180,- per day (excl fuel)
    • P-class (A7, 7 serie) 250,- per day (excl fuel)
    • Small SUV-class (Q2/Q3/X1) 160,- per day (excl fuel)
    • Medium SUV-class (Q5/X4) 210,- per day (excl fuel)
    • Premium-class (Q7) ~350,- per day (excl fuel)

    Disclaimer: all replacement cars are 100km usable free of charge (per rented day) and need to be returned fully re-fueled. If you need/want to drive more than 100km (per day), you will receive an additional charge that varies with each company. I will always inform you (by mail or whatsapp) of the costs! Also, the rental company have an “own risk” policy that varies between 250,- and 1500,-

    • Vacuuming (free)
    • Car wash (machine) + vacuuming (free)
    • Car wash (by hand) + vacuuming (price on request)
    • Car cleaning interior professional (price on request)
    • Car cleaning interior + (wash + polish) exterior professional (price on request)
    • Car cleaning interior + (wash + polish + wax) exterior professional (price on request)
    • Car cleaning interior + (wash + polish + glasscoating) exterior professional (price on request)
    • Factory new repair & detailing (price on request)

    • Please note: all prices are different per brand / specialist and will be communicated via e-mail. You approve the prices via e-mail (reply).

      Please note: if you wish to have your car cleaned professionally, then the car needs to stay for an extra 2 working days (minimum)


    Buying/Selling mediation

    Providing mediation during the selling/buying of your car, means you don’t have to worry about the whole process that comes with it. Giving advice in choosing the right options and what price to ask for your old car will make it all less stressful / annoying.

    All sold cars will be sold: under consignment. You will still have to store the car at your own designated spot.

    Your (old) car will be displayed and priced on the website and people will contact me (or you, whichever you prefer) about the car. After that, we’ll discuss the rest of the details needed to complete the process

    Please note: all prices are excluding 21% taxes!

    • Buying process*: 2% on top of buying price or price on request with a maximum of 12.500,-
    • Selling process*: 5% of sold price or price on request

    *(excluding travel expenses)

    Extra wishes?

    Want a more exclusive service? Let me know your needs and we’ll discuss it via phone/e-mail/whatsapp!

    Think of:

    • Transporting your car to a different location / country
    • Storing your car in a (winter)storage
    • Other/special wishes

    Price(s) on request!

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